Exotic silver jewellery studded with genuine semi precious stones. To understand and appreciate my creations for their richness and cultural connectivity, one should know a little about my multi-ethnic background. Born to Indian parents, my parents migrated to Spain, where my siblings and I were born and brought up. Meeting my husband, Sunil, meant exposure to Sri Lanka and another cross continental move. I draw my inspiration from my many travels overseas and my multicultural upbringing. I like to think of my work as a mix of Asian and European. Sri Lanka has an abundance of extraordinary precious and semi precious stones, so drawing inspiration from their colors and cuts is easy. My work emerges akin to a solution for a puzzle, where I sit down with a great variety of stones and combine them to come up with exclusive pieces of handmade jewellery. Every piece is handmade and unique. I enjoy designing modern yet timeless pieces however I tend to steer clear of anything too bohemian, I like fine and defined pieces.