Bala-The Label 


BäLa is a sustainable read to wear brand that merges the fluidity of Indian clothes and the comfort of tailored western wear. We work closely with artisans from all over India to achieve and implement ancient handcrafted techniques into modern comfort clothing that are size friendly, stylish, sustainable and one of a kind. All our artisans are experts in their own fields, with skills passed down through generations of textile making in India. We whole heartedly respect all of our artisans. Today, 3 years after the inception of the brand, BäLa has evolved into a luxury ready to wear label that makes modern comfort clothing using traditional Indian techniques, and we are privileged to be worn and be associated with independent, modern and free spirited women. Vidhi Balasaria, a 2014 graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design, with a BFA in Fashion Design returned back to India, her home country to pursue her dream of launching her own label, after gaining work experience in New York city with designers like Bon-Vivat, Jonathan Simkhai and Sears Holdings Design. Shortly after returning, she worked for designer Anamika Khanna for nearly 2 years where she learnt how to manage production, sales, customer fittings and understanding the Indian market. BäLa was launched as a result of a dream she had since before she graduated from high school.