ABSOLUTE is a brand built on a genuine need to cater all your capsule & essential clothing needs. Designed & developed in Sri Lanka, the brand is passionate about timeless pieces that won’t go out of style. We are constantly improving our processes to bring you the highest quality, lasting clothing.

Our efforts are to promote slow fashion in Sri Lanka by helping all of us to make conscious buying decisions, as opposed to a culture of buying anything & everything that’s available in the marketplace. Our team takes a great detail in design and sourcing cycles, and all our manufacturing takes place in Sri Lanka by cutting down our carbon footprint compared to what it would be with an extended international supply chain. We worry about every aspect of our pieces to the last amount of detail, so that you don’t have to. The brand was started with a search by our Founder for a one stop shop in the country to purchase all fashion basics from. Lack of a focused, high quality offering therefore fueled her to develop the brand from the ground up in 2018.

By starting to ask where your garments came from, how it was made, and more importantly asking yourself if you really need to buy something before you do will eventually lead you to a clutter-less path, giving you more clarity about your style choices. Buying higher quality clothing will eliminate the need to shop multiple pieces for no reason, and that’s what we at Absolute do.

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