Mayank Anand & Shraddha Nigam 


With an emphasis on refurbishment and restoration, coupled with innovative cutting edge design, Mayank Anand and Shraddha Nigam focus on creating an experience that brings history and culture to contemporary life.Shraddha Nigam is a well-known actor. Having worked across media, including films, theatre and television and after having established herself in the performing arts, she has now segued into design. Mayank Anand is an artist with manifold aptitudes. He is a reputable actor, an author, a newspaper columnist, an artist and now, a designer. Together they are known for their unique, refined and relaxed sense of style. Mayank Anand Shraddha Nigam, the clothing label, is dedicated to bringing Indian handloom fabrics and weaves back into mainstream fashion. The designers reinterpret hand-woven textiles into contemporary clothing. The design quotient is minimalist with an ability to transcend - "from the ramp to the home," seamlessly.Mayank and Shraddha started their journey into fashion in 2010 with their signature label 'Mayank Anand Shraddha Nigam' that showcased its debut collection at Lakme Fashion Week. The label stands for a style that is both elegant and edgy. The USP of the label is its intelligent use of hand woven Indian fabrics away from the context that the fabrics are woven in. The label firmly believes in comfortable fashion that fits and enhances the body. Drapes and versatility are two defining factors of the label that includes innovative separates as well as tunics and dresses.