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​​4 tips you must follow to take care of your jewellery

Written By The Style Whisperer for THE DESIGN COLLECTIVE

As any woman will tell you, jewellery is one of the best investments you can make. Whether you’re wearing sparkling diamonds or sticking with elegant gold jewels or simply sporting shining silver pieces, these baubles must be treasured and protected against anything and everything that can potentially cause harm. 

From your grandmother’s wedding ring to the necklace you bought yourself after your first promotion, each sentimental piece is one you’ll want to wear forever. Here, we’ve put together some tips on how to care for your jewellery so that it lasts you a lifetime. 

  1. Check your jewels

It is easy to overlook this first step. Every six months or so, scrutinise your jewellery to see if they need to be polished. This will prevent them from looking worn and make them last longer.

  1. Keep away from light and heat

Long-term exposure to excessive heat or light can negatively impact your jewellery. A few gemstones are more vulnerable to heat while other jewels might bleach under the scorching sun.  In order to avoid cracks and fractures, shade them whenever possible. 

  1. Cleaning processes

While advertisers will tell you the necessity of using solvents and cleansers in order to clean all your jewellery, we’re here to bust that myth. For most, all you need is warm soapy water and a soft-bristled toothbrush to keep your jewels germ free. Do this at least once a week for best results. 

Jewellery with soft stones like pearls, turquoise, coral, moonstone, emerald and more can lose their lustre if cleaned with water. Instead, use a soft cloth and gently clean the surface to preserve the stone. 

For silver jewellery, clean the pieces using a mix of lemon juice and a little water. You can also polish it using toothpaste and wipe it away with cotton. 

  1. Storing your jewellery 

Do you store your jewellery on top of a wooden dresser? Then it’s best you stop immediately. This is a place where your precious baubles can get stretched, exposed to chemicals and the wooden surface can speed up the tarnishing process. 

The best way to store your jewellery is in boxes or vanity cases lined with a soft cloth. Opt for those with individual compartments so that your rings, necklaces and earrings can each have their own space inside.

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