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5 interior tips which instantly transform a space

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Between bingeing home makeover shows, making dreamy Pinterest boards, and double tapping those endless decor Instagram posts, if you find yourself seeking out ways to freshen up your space–you aren’t alone. With new interior trends and aesthetics dominating our Instagram feeds and Netflix watch lists, it is inevitable that you’ll want to spruce up your home every season. 

Before you get overwhelmed with all the possibilities, the Design Collective Store has put together a few interior hacks to help you in your mission to transform your home. These simple tips and tricks will instantly elevate your interior decor with the feeling of summer.

Rearrange Your Furniture

Replacing your couch or dining table can prove to be an expensive affair–but rearranging your existing pieces can come at no cost at all! If your home isn’t arranged according to feng shui, it might be time to follow its principle. Keep a focus point in your living room as a rule (like your TV) and move the coffee table, couches, and other pieces around for a hint of freshness.

Invest In New Art

Be it architectural sculptures, modern paintings, or cleverly displayed posters, art is known to set the tone of a room. If you want to change up the aesthetics of a room, a quick and easy way to do it is by adding a few key pieces to your space.

Say Yes To Colour

Colour is a powerful decorating tool with the unique ability to improve mood, brighten a room, and make it your own. A quick and easy hack to upgrading your home decor is to bring a hint of your favourite hues into it. Whether you’ve decided to paint an accent wall or simply want to introduce printed cushions into the space, these small touches are guaranteed to change up the space.

Add Your Favourite Scents

Did you know that changing the way your home smells can actually transform it? Invest in fresh summer scents with candles and diffusers to give it a new life. And what’s more, if the candle holder or incense jar looks beautiful–that’s simply a bonus!

Bring Nature Inside

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again–plants are the best way to make the aesthetic of your home a lot nicer. The vibrant green tones of plants not only act as decor accents, but also give the space a little more life and warmth. Caring for these plants is also good for mental health, all the more reason to develop a green thumb.

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