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5 Tips to Build the Perfect Home Office


As the rules of workspace evolve due to the coronavirus, work from home has become the new normal. With many people opting to work out of the safety of their own homes, designers are rethinking the classic workspace for an efficient and productive workday. 

If work-from-home is the new normal you’re embracing, then having a comfortable space to work has become more important than ever. Your office workspace may not allow for a lot of customization but guess what? You’re always going to be the master of your own home! That simply means, you can decorate your home office just the way you like it. Here are some tips for those looking to build their perfect WFH spaces.

Find the perfect quiet spot 

Working at home isn’t always easy. Whether you live alone or with family, there are many factors to consider while picking your home-office location. Outside noises, proximity to the family room and kitchen could be very distracting. Take as many factors into account as possible while picking the location for your home office. 

Lighting is key 

Whether you pick a spot near a window for some natural lighting or buy a lot of lamps, your home office should always be a well lit place. It would make you feel more active and energized, which could help you finish tasks a lot faster. 

Choose the best furniture 

Although working from your bed sounds great, in reality it could lead to severe back problems. Investing in ergonomic furniture–a desk and a comfy chair is essential to your future health and well-being. 

PS. When in doubt, invest in some pillows with colourful prints to brighten up the space!

Add some house plants 

Did you know that plants have often been linked to a more productive and refreshing working environment? Not only will they make your home-office a lot more aesthetically pleasing, but it would give you fresh clean air at the same time! If you’re persuaded, head over to The Design Collective store and check out the collection of plants by Secret Garden. 

Personalise your space 

While the perfect chair and the best corners are the first few steps to building your dream home-workspace, adding personal touches to the space is the next step. From motivational posters to abstract art, from beautiful sculptures to little souvenirs to relaxing scented candles, decorate your space the way you want with the things you love looking at. These will motivate you to work harder and help you reduce stress.

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