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Six tips to help you host the perfect dinner party


Delicious food, good drinks, great friends and the best conversation–a dinner party is the perfect amalgamation of these few elements. Over the last year, we missed out on many of these parties in the summer due to the pandemic. So, I’m sure we are all looking forward to hosting some flawless and fun-filled gatherings for family, friends and workmates. 

A dinner party can be as unique as you’d like it to be. If you’re looking for tips on how to host the perfect dinner party, then you’d come to the right place! We’ve scoured the internet for you and compiled together a guide to help you throw a dinner party that would make you the perfect host amongst your friends.

Tip 1: Put together the ideal guest-list 

Awkwardness has no place at the dining table when hosting a dinner party. Therefore, we highly recommend you spend time making the guest-list. As these parties are a little more intimate than lunch gatherings, inviting four to six guests who know each other and get along is a good starting point. 

PS. As picking a date that works for everyone can be a hassle, don’t forget to send your invite at least 2 weeks in advance.

Tip 2: Plan the menu

Even if you’re a culinary goddess, it is quite normal to get stressed and overthink the dinner party menu. That’s why the best thing to do is plan ahead. Test out the dishes you’re planning on cooking for the night or opt to cook meals you’ve tried before. 

This simple technique should take most of the stress out of the night. While appetizers and entrees can be kept simple, we recommend you experiment with delicious dessert treats!

Tip 3: Provide plenty of cocktails and mocktails

A dinner party is not complete with a fancy cocktail mix. If you’re hosting a party for friends, it’s always best to test out those countless cocktail recipes you’ve pinned on Pinterest or spotted on the food channel. 

Always wanted to mix up delicious cocktails with fancy umbrellas? Now’s your chance. 

PS. If you’ve got friends who don’t drink or are designated drivers for the evening, do remember to have plenty of sodas, juice and water around to sustain everyone.

Tip 4: Prepare the table in advance

Whether you’re a traditionalist, a modernist or a minimalist when it comes to tableware, picking the perfect dinner set and accessories to accompany your style will go a long way when hosting a party. 

Break out your fine china, the beautiful table mats and the delicate napkin rings to get ready for the night. In case you find yourself lacking in that department, we have some great options of tableware for you to pick and choose from.

Tip 5: Please your guests with little details

A few simple details can take a dinner party to the next level. Details can help set the mood and create the perfect ambiance for the evening. Add a touch of thoughtfulness to your dinner table with some fresh flowers and light-scented candles. These small details will add to the overall atmosphere for the night. 

If you’re looking for unique vases or the best scented candles, check out our recommendations.

Tip 6: Select the perfect host outfit

While putting together the perfect place setting and curating a great menu are essential, don’t neglect the most important part of the evening—your outfit. Whether you opt to take a comfortable approach or slip into something a little more daring, your outfit is yet another element that would set the tone for the evening. 

From pretty dresses to playful jumpsuits to comfy separates, we have some great options that would help make your dinner party a memorable one!

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