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Transform your home decor with rattan and cane

Written By The Style Whisperer for THE DESIGN COLLECTIVE

Whether you are browsing through Pinterest or looking at the latest home decor magazines, you’ll notice that rattan and cane furniture has been an integral trend in the interior industry for a while now. As people craved all those lost beach vacations they didn’t get to have during the pandemic, rattan furniture made its way into our homes. 

What is rattan and cane? 

Rattan is a material that looks and feels similar to bamboo. Primarily found in Southeast Asia’s rainforests, it is an extremely strong and durable vine that can grow as climbing or non-climbing palms. Although there are many varieties, usually they can be identified by their fanning green leaves and spikes that circle the stalk of the vine as protection. When working with this material, artisans use steam to bend the poles into the shapes they want. Cane is derived from the outer bark of the rattan vine. This strong material is used to bind pieces together. Wicker is the weaving process through which materials like rattan, cane, synthetics and beyond, are woven into furniture and decor pieces. 

Rattan and cane furniture has a long-standing history. In the 19th century, it was prominent in the tropics because it wouldn’t warp or crap in the intense heat. Soon, it became viewed as the comfortable and earthy alternative to upholstery. 

When incorporated into a home, rattan brings a natural, grounded look into the design scheme. As it is a textured material, it can add a bohemian, warm vibe to the space. If you’re looking to use rattan and cane as a design element to bring a little bit of the outdoors in, then take a look at our recommended products.

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