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Simple eco-tips from House Of Lonali to bring a little green into your everyday life

From governments to businesses to individuals, there has been a lot of talk about going green initiatives and practices. There has been a new era of realization amongst the public that our actions, in one way or another, impact the environment. From washing clothes to cooking to cleaning and more, there’s a lot each person can do to live more sustainably. 

House of Lonali, a premium fashion brand that upcycles pre-consumer fabric discards and transforms them into stylish products, shares tips on simple switches and practices people can incorporate to live a greener lifestyle. 

Replace your toothbrush 

Toothbrushes have evolved from makeshift cinnamon sticks to smart electric toothbrushes. But have you ever wondered what goes into these everyday-basics? The common toothbrush used today is made out of plastic. These non-recyclable brushes are impossible to break down, so much so that the first toothbrush made in 1930 still exists to this day! 

Next time, instead of buying yet another plastic toothbrush, opt for a bamboo one instead. This will decompose within 4 months and be a lot less harmful to the planet. 

Switch your broom 

Have you ever thought about what your broom is made of? The handle of the broom is usually made out of plastic or wood while the bristles are made using coir or straws. While the coir might be a more eco-friendly option, the plastic handle of the broom can take up to 20 to 500 years to decompose. According to UNEP, only 9% of all plastic waste ever produced has been recycled while 79% ends up in landfills. This is extremely detrimental to the planet. 

Embrace ancient practices and opt for brooms made from natural materials like wood and coir. 

Sustainable laundry practices 

How can we be more conscious and sustainable when washing our clothes? This might be a question that many ask. Choosing a washing machine that saves water and energy is the first step. Not only would this help you cut down your electricity bills, but benefit the environment too. 

Here’s what you should consider when purchasing a washing machine: 

  1. Low electricity consumption
  2. Less water consumption per load
  3. Load size
  4. Durability 
  5. Semi or fully automatic
  6. Top or front load 

Apart from selecting the machine, washing clothes by hand is a sustainable way of washing clothes. It will help you tackle those pesky stains better and will save you money on your electricity bill. Don’t forget to invest in an eco-friendly detergent. Not only is it good for the planet but also good for you and your clothes. 

Keep your smartphone

On average, people use smartphones for just 2 years before upgrading it. Every year, mobile phone manufacturers launch new models of their smartphones. When people opt to upgrade their phones, their older one gets discarded and becomes electronic waste. Globally, more than 44 million tons of e-waste was produced in 2017. 

If you’re thinking of buying a new phone, it’s imperative you consider the reason behind the switch. For phones that are broken, try to get them repaired. For those that work perfectly, consider skipping the upgrade this year or if you desperately want the new model, donate the old one to someone in need. 

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