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Love fashion? You have to watch these series and movies on Netflix!

Written By The Style Whisperer for THE DESIGN COLLECTIVE

Going outside and travelling are still restricted in some places and often, they might not be the best option. If you’re like us and enjoy a good Netflix night, then you’re in for a real treat. All the fashion lovers—this one’s for you!

Looking to get some inspiration on how to dress when you’re venturing out again? Or are you simply in need of a daily style fix? Whatever the season may be, we have some exciting shows for you to add to your Netflix watch list. Check them out below.


For those who haven’t been watching this show, you’re seriously missing out. This new series is based on a book and follows London’s elite in the Regency era. We promise you plenty of balls, garden parties and of course, the finest costumes! 

The Crown

The British royal family are known for their elegant, haute-couture style. The Crown is a show that retells the events that affected the family during the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. Get engrossed in the dramatic plot lines and dirty politics as you enjoy the balls gowns, stylish coats and fancy dresses. 

Gossip Girl 

Curious about how the other side lives? Well, then you’ll love this glamorous show that has everything you can possibly need—drama, scandals, friendships, love and unforgettable fashion moments. The show is about the lives of Upper East Side teens, and trust us, once you watch an episode, you won’t want to stop. Did we forget to mention, there’s a Gossip Girl reboot that’s a must-watch as well! 

Emily In Paris

Emily, the character played by Lily Collin, moves from Chicago to Paris for her dream job and embarks on a new life. Here, you’ll see new romances, delicious food and the best of Parisian fashion. 

Legally Blonde

As the Y2K trend sees a comeback in fashion, to get yourself familiarized with the style of the 2000s, this movie is definitely one to watch. You’ll love Elle Woods’ fearless style and all her pink outfits, from dresses to leather sets and more. Step inside the sparkly world of this girly lawyer who isn’t afraid to lay down the (fashion) law. 

Queer Eye

Want a side of good vibes with a healthy dose of fashion? Then Queer Eye is the right show for you. The five fabulous guys, Johnathon Van Ness, Tan France, Bobby Berk, Karamo Brown and Antoni Porowski, touch the lives of people in need and show them how they can reinvent themselves with skin-deep makeovers, garments and self-confidence.

Next In Fashion

If you love a good competition, then you wouldn’t be able to resist Next In Fashion. This reality show is hosted by fashion icons France and Alexa Chung. Watch the nine pairs of contestants compete with one another to become the next big name. What’s more? It’s hosted by Tan France.


This short series is based on the life of iconic American designer, Roy Halston Frowick. Witness the artistic flare of the designer alongside his not-so-secretive lifestyle that was riddled with drugs and childhood trauma. While intense, we promise you’ll see the best of draped dresses here.  

The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story

If you’re someone who lives to spot the best ‘crimes of fashion’, then this one’s for you! This drama series is based on the murder of fashion designer and icon, Gianni Versace. Watch the events leading up to the event and find out what happened to the infamous killer, Andrew Cunanan. 


Alexander McQueen is a fashion legend who changed the course of the haute couture industry forever. In this documentary, you can meet the man behind the brand and get to know his life, career and creative achievements. 

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