The name “ging-home” takes inspiration from a fabric called “gingham,” which is often used as the typical picnic blanket. I, Liyara Cooray, created this brand in 2020, during the course of which we had an island-wide curfew in Sri Lanka for close to two months. I made a conscious effort to make sure I did something I enjoyed as often as I could, and for me, with the availability of limited resources, I managed to gather what I could to have a mini picnic on my rooftop. I have always adored the idea of picnics and their ability to bring people together in a simple and effortless way. It was a low cost but effective way of keeping my mind and senses in check without having to leave the house or meet anyone. This is where the idea for ging-home came; I wanted to provide people with effortlessly minimal, daily use products that were sustainable but also affordable. I believe that switching to more sustainable alternatives that are used in our daily lives could have a significant positive impact on the environment. It is our plastic bags and disposable water bottles that end up washing up on the shores of our beaches and inefficiently disintegrating into the floors of our forests. Small changes in our lifestyle can go a long way, and with ging-home, I hope to provide consumers with everything they may need to make a smooth transition to a more environmentally conscious lifestyle.

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