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The best holiday gift guide you will need this Christmas

Written By The Style Whisperer for THE DESIGN COLLECTIVE

Whoever said gift giving is an art, they aren’t wrong. Have you ever spent hours online, scrolling to find a gift that aptly represents your loved one? Or what about the time you thought you had made the world record of visiting retail stores in search for a gift that just clicked? All that hard work and tedious clicking may have led you to believe that there was no such thing as the ‘perfect’ gift. 

Well, we at The Design Collective Store, are here to tell you differently. As you would already know from experience, the perfect gift isn’t one that’s the most experience, or one that everyone wants. Choosing the present is an art that mostly relies on three factors: thought, uniqueness and personalisation. If you even meet two out of the three criteria, then trust us–you’re golden!

To make your browsing experience a tad bit easier, our unofficial gifting experts put together a curated guide to help you select the best gift.

After all, this is the season of gifting! Go ahead, practice those gift-giving skills now. 

For those who love glitter

We all have that one friend who is always drawn towards sequins, metallics, and shiny things in general. Their uplifted joyful spirits often shine even brighter than their clothes! They can light up a room with just a smile, and are often fondly called the life of the party. 

If this sounds like someone you know, why not add a sparkle to their night (or their entire year) with the products we have selected below?

For the minimalists in your life

Do you know someone who can carry even the most basic white shirt with grace? While their jewellery may not shine the brightest, its elegant designs definitely turn a head, or forty. If their style leans heavily towards clean silhouettes, classics and neutral elegant accessories, then they will love these choices.

For those who are obsessed with color

When you walk into their home, is it filled with a spectrum of vibrant hues that are somehow harmonious and beautiful when put together? Do their dressing style always stand out due to the bright colors that they choose to wear? If the word ‘monochrome’ doesn’t exist in their dictionary, then they would love everything below.

For those who love to mix and match prints

Did you once think that plaids and florals didn’t go together? But this person proved you wrong! If they’ve been your first call in case of any print mix and color blocking, then why not make their Christmas that much more special with an outfit that says thank you?

For those who live for the beach 

Do your dates with them always end up near the sea? Do they love to spend their lazy Sundays lying in the sand with a book in their hand? Does their idea of the perfect vacation include sun, water and sand? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you are in for a treat! Check out our curation that any beach-loving woman would adore. 

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