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The perfect gift for every best friend

From holding your hair back when you’re sick to spending hours on the phone talking about everything—movies, boys and even politics, if there is one person who has always been there for you, it’s your best friend. Once a year, a day comes around that lets you thank them for being with you through thick and thin. 

As Friendship Day is this weekend, don’t forget to celebrate and appreciate your #1 pal. Whether they love to cook, are obsessed with clothes, collect jewellery to enjoy DIY projects, our list of gift options will show them you care and are thinking of them. 

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Build a skin care routine with the right products

Many believe that great skin is inherited and simply a matter of DNA–it’s not. Our daily habits have a great effect on it. From the environment, you live into how you choose to destress to the products you use, all impact the health of our skin. If you’re looking to build a good skincare routine, then you need to start by maintaining a balanced diet (it might be a good time to say goodbye to junk food). 

The next step is to build a skincare routine using products that work for you. Everyone’s beauty regime is different; it depends on the type of skin they have. However, we have put together a comprehensive guide that walks you through the normal steps one should take to get healthy, glowing skin.

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