Araliya,  the eponymous clothing brand, by Araliya Thevapalan, gives emphasis to more occasion wear and evening wear, with a few daytime ensembles. The timeless creations embody 3 elements in every collection : elegance, playfulness and sophistication.

These feminine designs have been crafted using an array of fabrics in pleasing aesthetics, amongst which, florals and simplicity have become the designer’s iconic style; as reflected in the meaning of her name, Araliya. Her flair for minimalistic yet sophisticated style, has been instrumental in empowering her clientele to feel confident when they wear her pieces; by encouraging them not just to embrace their natural beauty, but to enjoy that magical moment of loving how they look. Araliya is a celebration of women.

As the brand grows, Araliya is dedicating to ensuring others grow with it, which is why she has chosen to source materials not just from Colombo, but across the island, including from micro enterprises. Everything is handpicked by Araliya and then stitched locally, by a team of home-based seamstresses, empowering women and supporting local communities across Sri Lanka. Araliya strives to pay attention to detail, maintaining quality over quantity.

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