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A twist on 4 classic trends to help you breeze through this summer 

The sun’s out–and so are we! Summer is upon us and for many of us that means one thing: a much needed vacation. And for those who are more sartorially inclined, the sun-season brings with it a unique opportunity to dress up the way you want while taking in a dose of Vitamin D. 

Let’s be honest, there’s nothing more fun than playing Barbie in the summer. Whether that means going on shopping dates with your girlfriends or savaging online for those hidden gems, there are many ways to give into the style spirit of this season. If you’re embracing your inner shopaholic, then we’ve got a handy guide for you.

Ahead, we’ve put together a list of classic trends that never go out of style–with a unique twist of course! 

All Over White

This summer, get ready to say yes to white. Although it’s a quintessential color for the sunny season, this time it gets a twist with sensual sheer fabrics and unique cuts. Are you ready to give this not-so-angelic colour a try? 

Maxi-mum Style Points

What says summer without actually saying it? Maxi dresses. Choose them for busy days when you want to effortlessly glide from one occasion to the other without switching outfits. Lounge at home or go for a lunch date with your new beau, this lightweight dress can be elevated simply by pairing it with the right accessories. There’s a ’fit every occasion, and then some. 

The New Short 

This season, we’re seeing short become even…shorter? Why, yes of course! The higher the short, the more the style. Give into the heat of the summer with cute, comfy yet short shorts that’ll keep you cool. 

Gold Meets Silver

If you’re normally afraid of matching your silver jewellery with your old, don’t worry–we’ve all been there. But this season, we’re playing the most stylish fashion Jenga of the season with jewellery you can mix and match. Take a step into the wild side and pair gold with silver fearlessly. 

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