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Trendsetting April: Top 5 picks from The Design Collective that make a bold statement

We’ve officially stepped into the month of April, a time that automatically fills us with hope,  enthusiasm for the summer, and has us raring for some big and small changes. Earlier we turned out discerning eyes on our home, but this week we’re ready to peek into our closets. 

Many times, our wardrobe gets split into four different unique sections: capsule pieces that serve as a foundation to any look, once-in-a-blue-moon occasion wear that’s reserved for weddings and big events, workwear staples, lastly, statement buys. Basics may serve as the building blocks to a look, but it’s the statement showstoppers that make it Instagram worthy. This month, we recommend it’s time to jazz up your wardrobe with eye-catching pieces that define your style and make you stand out.  

Ahead, we’ve curated five such pieces that’ll surely win you the title of a fashion maverick. 

The Dusky Blue Crop Top by Dimuthu Sahabandu

Ladies!! are you looking for something to wear for an evening gala or for a date, well Dimuthu Sahabandu got it for you. He made sure to check all off your must haves. He has created something with his artistic vision “The Dusky Blue Crop Top”. A crop top with a floral beaded embroidery to add a snug fit to the top it has a cap sleeve with a tiny bead embroidery. This embroidery show cases the designers true craftsmanship and the soft feminine touch in the garment. As well as clean and chic finishes in it gives the outfit a exclusive and more of a astonishing look.

The Banaras Silk Blazer by Majä 

Made with a pre-loved silk saree, this yellow and olive blazer by Majä is perfect for work, wedding, and party. The delicate floral pattern of the blazer adds a luxury appeal to this single breasted blazer. It features welt pockets and two-tone sleeves that add to its overall design. Our styling recommendation: Pair it with a plain white crop top, flared blue jeans, and golden heels for a summer-ready look.

The Randoli Skirt by MEVII

Denim meets art in this unique skirt by MEVII. This piece merges Sri Lankan art heritage with Western silhouettes. The end result: a beautiful skirt. The traditional batik patchwork on the skirt is vibrant and captivating, setting it apart. MEVII is a brand that seeks to help empower people to embrace their identity and celebrate their heritage, something this piece accomplishes while making a fashion-forward statement.

The Tie Knot Bustier by Gai by Gayanth Karunarthne

Known for their whimsical prints and eclectic designs, Gai by Gayanth Karunarthne releases yet another blockbuster piece through this bold yellow bustier. Shaped like a knot, this blouse is crafted from raw silk in a vibrant sunshine shade that adds warmth to the piece. For a maximalist look, pair this off the shoulder top with a matching skirt. If you want to opt for a minimal approach, style it with white flared trousers or a solid pencil-skirt. 

PS. Leave behind your necklace and choose big earrings that stand out instead.

James Co-Ord Set by Kavya Singh Kundu 

Just because something is a statement buy, doesn’t mean it has to be complicated. Case in point: the James co-ord set by Kavya Singh Kundu. It’s crafted from pink handwoven mulberry silk in a bold fuchsia shade. The skirt features a color-blocked design with a purple yoke and large green appliqué leaves. The tricolor contrasts beautifully with the plain matching loose-fit trousers. Pack it for your spring getaway or style it for brunch, this co-ord set won’t fail to make a statement. 

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