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Kiribath Publisher’s Launches ‘When Parents Get Older’ With A Special Book Reading At The Design Collective Store

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The world of children’s literature has received yet another delightful addition – ‘When Parents Grow Older’. This beautifully illustrated book, the brainchild of author Sasha Wickremaratne Jayamaha, is set to whisk young readers away on an exciting adventure through life and growing up. What makes this book launch even more special is that it’s published by Kiribath Publishers, a renowned name in the literary world, and it happened this month at The Design Collective Store.

On the 15th of October, The Design Collective Store hosted a very special book reading, to young readers and their families about familial and empathetic values. This event promises to be an immersive experience, providing a glimpse into the magical journey that awaits within the pages of this heartwarming tale.

In ‘When Parents Get Older’ the author delves into the universal journey of ageing parents who watch their child grow. From going on family trips to simple acts such as bathing and feeding their child, this book explores the relationship between a parent and a child through the watchful eyes of a parent. The love and support a parent offers to their child from the moment they are born through to them growing old is unconditional and Sasha has captured that so beautifully through her words in this book. As a mother of four herself she has done an outstanding job at showcasing this emotional journey.

And it’s not just the book that’s worthy of celebrations. The fact that ‘When Parents Get Older’ is published by Kiribath Publishers adds an extra layer of prestige to its launch. The Founder and Managing Director of Kiribath Publishers, Sasha Wickremaratne Jayamaha, is a creative and business mastermind in herself. She is an award-winning author who was recently presented with the award for Best Literary Work for Children at the 2022 State Literary Awards. She is also a successful entrepreneur, a selfless philanthropist, and a lot more. Her career trajectory included roles at various organisations dedicated to creating safer spaces and brighter futures for Sri Lanka’s children.

With Kiribath Publishers backing this project, the book’s credibility is beyond doubt. The fact that it was unveiled at The Design Collective Store this month makes it a memorable event.

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