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Meet Siobhan, The Artist That’s Celebrating Sri Lanka’s Wildlife And Supporting Women Empowerment 

As a self-taught artist with a degree in Psychology, Siobhan’s unique perspectives intertwine with her creative energy to create spectacular art. Her work celebrates the relationship between women and nature in South Asia, with a particular focus on Sri Lanka. Her art is more than just a visual treat; it’s a representation of the harmonious relationship the humans share with the environment. 

Featuring a burst of bold colours and playful shapes, Siobhan’s pieces invite people to look at themselves in its soul-stirring imagery and connect deeper with their roots. As part of a unique collection, these beautiful designs have been reimagined in everyday fashion items and art pieces exclusively available at The Design Collective Store. On 11th November, you have the chance to meet the talented multi-disciplinary artist as well as view her incredible creations. 

Ahead, we chatted with Siobhan to get an insight into her work, her inspiration, and what we can expect from her new collection. 

What is the inspiration behind your art? 

“My work is a tribute to the rich tapestry of South Asia, with a specific spotlight on Sri Lanka. It largely centres around women and nature, and I use it to celebrate both.” 

Tell us a little about this collection. 

“This series pays homage to the vibrant and diverse indigenous wildlife found in Sri Lanka. I’ve tried to capture their vivacity through vivid colours and whimsical shapes, creating an immersive experience within the art. I want to invite people into my joy-filled, playful world.”

Please share an insight into your product range. 

“This product range allows you to carry your favourite prints wherever you go. My designs have found a new home in the most beautiful scarves and tote bags. If you’re looking to add a bit of colour and bring life to your walls, then take home the bold art prints and posters we have available. We’ve merged art and fashion together, creating a playful collection that adds a little adventure to your style.” 

What can people look forward to at the event? 

“The exhibit will offer an exclusive first-look at the new product range which features a host of tote bags, scarves, and posters. You can also get creative at our mini collage station which invites everyone to get hands-on and create your very own wildlife-inspired keepsakes, fostering a deeper connection with the art.” 

Mark your calendars for 11th November 2023 for a chance to meet Siobhan and shop her joyful, Sri Lanka-inspired prints. 

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