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When Fashion Meets Art, Magic Happens: 3 Brands At The Design Collective Store That Are Making A Strong Case

In a world of creativity, art and fashion are almost like two sides of the same coin. Designers have long drawn inspiration from artists, turning the runway into a gallery of expression. We can clearly see this fusion and how it has shaped our wardrobes through some iconic examples. 

Flash back to 1937, when Salvador Dalí and Elsa Schiaparelli created a daring lobster-printed dress worn by Wallis Simpson, making a bold statement through fashion. Think of Frida Kahlo, whose vibrant art inspired Gucci’s rich colours and feminist spirit in 2017. Then there’s Andy Warhol, who moved from illustrating for Harper’s Bazaar to influencing ‘90s fashion with a soup can dress. Piet Mandarin’s primary colours and graphic lines found a fashionable ally as Yves Saint Laurent’s 1965 collection showcased Mandarin’s grids in chic day dresses. 

This silent dialogue between art and fashion, speaking through colours and shapes, needs no words. It’s a connection that goes beyond sound, resonating with emotions through our eyes. If you’re curious about brands seamlessly merging art and fashion, we’re here to help. Discover more about how these brands make art wearable, turning every piece into a canvas of expression.


AYO by Pattern Motive, founded by Heshari Palihawadana, is a vibrant fusion of art and fashion. As a surface pattern designer inspired by global travels, Heshari brings cultural richness to each design. AYO is more than clothing; it’s a canvas of whimsical art, celebrating a colourful life with bold, vibrant hues. With a commitment to slow fashion and minimal waste, AYO transforms garments into masterpieces, weaving art into every thread and making each design a statement, a vivid expression of a life well-lived. 


Leekoh is a brand that redefines designer wear by combining art and exclusivity. Catering to the modern woman, Leekoh’s focus is on customised designs that seamlessly blend quality, surface, and silhouette. With a pledge to “exclusive prints with a conscience,” the brand goes beyond fashion, promoting ethical designer wear with a sustainable purpose. Each piece is a celebration of art, embodying subtle glamour and a chic feminine flair. 

Siobhan’s Gallery Wall 

Born from the creativity of self-taught Sri Lankan artist Siobhan D’Almedia, this brand gives us a fun take on how art can be used in fashion. Inspired by classic South Asian motifs with a modern twist, the brand brings vibrant prints, bold shapes, and bright colours to life. These fine art prints are seamlessly translated into a fashion-forward expression that can be used to decorate your walls. Look out–as Siobhan’s Gallery Wall is all set to launch a collection of some mesmerising scarves as well! 

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