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Spend spring break in style with this ultimate packing guide

There’s something about spring break that makes us feel warm, excited, and ready for anything. Maybe it’s the promise of sun-kissed adventures and sandy beaches, or perhaps it’s the vibrant party spirit of beach towns or the temptation of scrumptious cuisines–whatever it may be, we know it feeds into our spirit of adventure and our endless love for a spring getaway. But wait, before you dive headfirst into the excitement, let’s talk about packing essentials–an often feared topic for even the most avid of travelers. 

Here’s The Design Collective Store’s well-thought out guide to what to take on your next adventure. 

Travel In Vogue

Before you jet off to a beach in Bali, wander through the streets of Paris, or find yourself surrounded by adventure in Miami, the ideal vacation starts off with perfecting the basics: sturdy suitcases from top-notch luggage brands. This doesn’t mean you need to spend your hard-earned money on designer suitcases, but do consider quality and design before handing over your credit card. Whether it’s a sleek carry-on roller or a roomy weekend duffle, opt for lightweight materials and adjustable straps for maximum comfort. 

En Route Style 

Who says airport attire can’t be glamorous? Embrace the loungewear trend with sets so cozy, you’ll think even the uncomfortable airline seats are your lived-in sofa. Loose yet chic, strike a balance between comfort and style, ensuring you breeze through transit days with ease. 

Pro tip: Don’t forget to take a plush travel pillow because comfort is king, especially during long-haul flights. 

Spring Suitcase Upgrade

Is it even spring if you haven’t totally revamped your closet and style? Don’t forget to pack all your new sundresses, cool-new shorts, adventure-ready sneakers and oversized tees. Remember the cardinal rule: versatility is key. 

Beach Babe Must-Haves

Spring break = beach style. Whether you’re hitting the beach or simply making a big splash by the pool, pick cool swimwear that doubles up as bodysuits for on-land adventures. And let’s not forget footwear–swap those heels for comfy sandals and sneakers that’ll carry you from sunrise to sunset without missing a beat. 

Cool Shades Days

No spring break is complete without a pair of shades. Go bold with big, oversized ones that add an edge to your outfit or pick easy-chic options that you can restyle with all your looks. Don’t forget, sunglasses don’t just shield your eyes from the sun, they also serve a fashion statement on their own.

Tote-l Essentials 

Leave your structured bags at home and choose to take with you soft-shelled totes and mini bags that scream ‘I’m going on a vacation’. Floral print optional. Roomy yet foldable, totes can easily be folded into any corner of your suitcase and are large enough to stash your beach essentials (sunscreen, lip gloss, and a book) with room to spare. Plus, you can invest in one with a playful print to ensure you stand out in the sea of sun-seekers.

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