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3 fashion brands making a difference

Let’s be honest, one of the world’s most pressing concerns right now includes climate change. We’ve all seen it, experienced it, and it has impacted almost all of our lives. With fashion being a significant contributor to environmental pollution, the industry finds itself at a critical crossroad. It is no longer sufficient to merely be glamorous; fashion must now also embody responsibility for our planet. 

Sustainability in fashion involves a lot of different parts. While the material itself matters, so does how the raw material gets sourced, how the product is produced, who works on it, how far it travels to reach you, and many more. So it’s no surprise if consumers get confused to find the best eco-friendly brands to invest in that hit all (or most) of the sustainability checkpoints. This is where The Design Collective comes in. 

With World Environment Day just behind us, we’re sure you’re looking to make a change in your shopping practices. We’ve put together a list of 3 eco-friendly fashion brands that are making a difference in South Asian fashion. 


CLIMAFUGE is revolutionizing the fashion industry by championing ethical, sustainable, and climate-friendly practices. The brand is dedicated to using natural and plant-based materials, setting a new standard for environmentally responsible fashion. Through innovative investment strategies and inclusive partnerships, we empower the growth of sustainable initiatives and foster a greener future. For stylish, eco-friendly clothing that contributes to a better world for all, pick CLIMAFUGE. 

House Of Lonali 

Founded by Lonali Rodrigo in 2012, this Sri-Lankan brand offers a premium collection of original clothes and lifestyle products by up-cycling pre-consumer fabric discards. As a stylish alternative to fast fashion, the brand collaborates with Sri Lankan cottage industries, ensuring fair income for local artisans who hand-make each piece. Choose House of Lonali for unique, conscious fashion  that supports sustainability and ethical craftsmanship. 

ITR by Khyati Pande

Khyati Pande’s brand is dedicated to crafting contemporary designs that honor traditional handicrafts and their origins. By carefully curating and blending diverse textiles, the brand creates one-of-a-kind garments that merge modern sensibilities with traditional silhouettes. Emphasizing longevity and sustainability, ITR is known for their classic designs that preserve and celebrate artisanal craftsmanship. Invest in ITR for distinct fashion that supports heritage and is kind to the planet.  

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