Dhora is evocative of all that is beautiful. The brainchild of Aavriti R Jain ‘Dhora’ offers a unique signature style that is bold, contemporary and inspired by the province of Rajasthan, India. To Aavriti, Rajasthan and Italy aren’t simply travel destinations; they’re home. Native to the desert state of India and educated at Istituto Marangoni, Milano, Aavriti has a unique perspective from which she draws inspiration. Her “minimal yet Indie” products embody old-world traditions and symbolize, a simpler day for the modern free spirited being. As a brand we bestow a breath of fresh air to the classic art and mold them in contemporary frames – by giving back to its source of inspiration through exquisite pieces of hand crafted jewelry. An enticing mélange of Indian karigari with minimal and one of a kind designs that are making want-o-meters soar even as we speak, ‘Dhora’ is not only very contemporary and edgy, it is truly mode de la muse!