Hobo Beautiful 


Hobo beautiful was born after years of traveling and crafting, then finally falling in love with Sri Lanka. ​​Each piece you see here is lovingly handmade by myself, in my house, by the sea, with my beautiful dog. Influenced by traditional craft techniques and slow living, Hobo Beautiful embraces the natural essence of materials creating classic timeless design.

Sustainability is an integral part of not only my life but also the process. Everything you see is handmade - No factories, mass production and waste. Just an artist on her journey of self expression, trying to make sense of this world, whilst trying to remain in alignment with herself as well as Mother Nature.

This is my first collection of carefully curated essentials for the conscious traveller, as well as more artisan celebrated pieces. Materials used are natural, locally sourced and biodegradable. These collections are limited and designs created are timeless - embrace slow conscious fashion.
​Please respect and love every piece as it is handmade and unique. ​Thank you for choosing sustainable slow fashion and joining me on my journey.